The WOW factor of a Trumark home is second to none. It really is the best decision my family and and I have made! It is indeed our forever home. Every person I have ever spoke with at this company has been top notch customer service. Mike, the project manager, he deserves a raise. He was my right hand man throughout this whole process. Thank you Mark and Gail for this amazing home. If you're on the fence about a builder, this is the one 200%!
Justin Weisgerber

We bought our home in January of 2020 and love it. The experience from the start was better than any we have had in the past. The builder was very hands-on with the process to ensure we noted all items of concern specifically to him. After the initial process, we have been working directly with Toby and he is absolutely the best!! He is very quick to respond to any questions I have an has done a great job fixing the minor items we had on our list. We would definitely recommend TruMark to any of our friends/family looking to buy or build!! The Deens.
Krystal Deen

We love our Trumark home we purchased last May. It is a great layout with spectacular finish work. We have had many social gatherings and friends love it too and mentioned taking some of the ideas with them. What really completes the experience is Steve Marley and the customer service he has provided. His response time and follow up has helped the process of getting settled into a new home. He has taken the time to show us the up keep/maintenance to keep this new for a long time.
Ed Baker

We have a beautiful home thanks to Mark! I was most nervous about making decorating choices. He partners with very helpful people at Con Carpet and Builder’s Stone, they made the process extremely easy and user-friendly. Him and Gail make a great team and it was streamline and relatively stress-free (relatively, only because I’m high strung lol). I fell in love with the first finished home of his that I stepped in to and knew I would choose him as our builder. Did not disappoint!
E. Clark

Highly recommend Mark from TruMark Homes!!! Mark is easy to work with and builds a high quality home! We love our new home and the process was wonderful!! Mark responded to our questions in a timely manner and was willing to meet with us whenever we needed him. Thanks, Mark for everything!!! You and your crews are amazing!!
Jim & Karen Burgess

Mark built our new home. It’s the most beautiful home on the block. The attention to detail is what sets our home apart from the others. Mark suggested we spend a little more than we wanted to. That was the best decision we ever made. Our house has the "WOW Factor" when you open the front door. Trumark Homes "open your door to quality," says it all. We love our new home.
Beth & Jim Wells

Just finished building our new custom home with Mark Yancik and Trumark Homes in Parkway Estates!  Absolutely LOVE our new home!  The attention to all the craftsman detail in our home is not only beautiful but truly reflects how we live in this home.  The custom build process was quite easy with Mark from start to finish.  Mark allowed us to pick all our finishing materials and colors and kept us on target with our allowances, which was pretty generous.  We have many people stop and ask us who built our home and we direct them over to Mark each and every time.  I hope everyone who considers building a custom home...considers taking a look at Trumark Homes!
Ren & Kristin Wright

I LOVE my Trumark Home. I began the process of looking (online) for a house for myself and my teen daughter. Right away I was drawn to a new house designed by Trumark, there was just something about the photos that appealed to me. I kept returning to the listing over a few months until I was ready to begin the actual buying process, very eager to see the house in person. It was the first house my agent and I visited. It was as beautiful and amazing as I had observed but for some reason it just didn’t click - the colors were just a little different in person. At that point my agent mentioned a similar layout a few streets away that had recently been completed, which became our next stop. Pulling up my breath hitched, walking through the door and taking my first look all I could think of was “I’m home”. To be fair, my agent and I had 8 more similar houses (all different builders) to look at - but by the 4th, I was done. Every single house I found myself comparing little details back to *my* Trumark home and I told him to make an offer, and please get me my home. What I have found is there are just little extras that go into the craftsmanship, from the fixtures to the layout and everything in between. Top quality on every aspect. My home had a wonderful open layout, with phenomenal vaulted ceilings highlighted by these beautiful wood beams. The dark hardwood floors and white molding blend so perfectly, making it seem clean and crisp, perfect for any color scheme an owner chooses to decorate with. There were a few minor aesthetic things found during inspections and walkthroughs, along with some enhancements I requested (lighting dimmer functionality, additional ceiling fan, etc), my agent worked with listing agent and Trumark to get these resolved and added while waiting to close without ANY issues whatsoever. My final walkthrough was with Mark (builder and designer) and we reviewed the updates, discussed how to ensure taking care of breaking in my brand new home - what to expect, how to deal with settling, keeping the woodwork from being harmed by the dryness of winter, etc. Mark also went over the process of keeping them in the loop with a “30 day list” - things will come up now that the house is a an occupied home, being actively lived in and they will be on standby to address those items over the next year. I’ve talked to friends and family who have told me what they changed or updated after purchasing a house - there’s literally nothing I want to change, my home is beyond beautiful and I cannot wait to experience life with my daughter here.
Lindsey Jones

Trumark Homes is a very good builder. The walk-through prior to closing went very well. Everything was explained in detail with no major concerns. I am proud I chose this builder for my new home!
Thomas Jones